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PyCon Africa 2020 -- Day 3

PyCon Africa


On the 3rd of August 2020, the PYCON AFRICA 2020 week kicked off, with great speakers from all over Africa and beyond. On the 6th of August 2020, the third day commenced.

The event was introduced by the convener, Marlene Mhangami. She introduced all the speakers, including the keynote speakers, panelists, session speakers. The schedule of events of the day was shared amongst all speakers and panelists.

Tairu Oluwafemi and Flavio Clesio

The first sessions started at 10AM WAT with topics – Building production worthy website with Django by Tairu Oluwafemi and Security in Machine Learning by Flavio Clesio. The speakers talked explicitly on the importance of building a production worthy websites while breaking down and demonstrating this using codebase in Python and also talked about security in Machine learning and the need for securing all Machine learning applications and how to keep them secured respectively.

Serah Njambi and Olaniyan Emmanuel

At 11AM WAT, there were two sessions by Olaniyan Oluwasegun Emmanuel and Serah Njambi Rono. Going by the words of Serah, who spoke on building and sustaining a technical community, she said she came for the code but focused on creating a stable community. She shared her experience in the technology field which has evolved from being a front-end engineer. Parallelly, there was a session on Beginner Approach to Web Scraping, where Olaniyan talked extensively on web scrapping for beginners, tutorials were given on this topic and the attendees were enlightened. A detailed talk on Serah's session can be found here, where you can gain more insight.

Tania Allard

At 12PM WAT, there was a session on DevOps for Data Science by Tania Allard, the speaker explained

that Data science projects are not meant to remain on your local machine but are also meant to be deployed,

the processes for deploying these models were explicitly explained and opportunities were granted for


At 1PM WAT, there was a lunch break with options of networking with fellow attendees. Attendees were

encouraged to eat something African and also find time to meet with somebody new in the network room,

where people are randomly paired with other individuals to meet themselves.

At 2 PM WAT, there was a panel session with panelists across Africa and beyond, they included;

Akintunde Sultan, Daniel M. Phiri, Edidiong Asikpo, Frank Tamre, and Aniedi Udo-Obong. The session was hosted by Marlene and Samson Goddey. In this panel session, pressing questions concerning the Python community and Open Source development were asked and panelists provided answers. The session was divided into two parts and readers can view them here -- Part 1 and Part 2.

Vuyisile Ndlovu and Cheuk Ting Ho

At 3PM WAT, there was another parallel session on PyPI in a box by Vuyisile Ndlovu and how to manage Python environments by Cheuk Ting Ho. Cheuk talked extensively on the importance of creating python environments for projects, to enable it to run smoothly also to allow easy collaboration. Vuyisile spoke about creating your own portable PyPI server can be useful when coding with little or poor Internet access, running workshops such as Django girls, or when coding during a power blackout.

Aly Sivji

There was a general talk at 4PM WAT on the Chicago PyCon community by Aly Sivji. This talk was

insightful as Aly revealed how they use their slack bot to manage their activities in the community. He

also spoke about the things that have been done, and how to be a part of the community.

Dr. Adekanbi Olubayo, DSN.

We had a keynote speaker at 5PM WAT in the person of Dr. Adekanbi Olubayo, the founder of

Data Science Nigeria. The day was finally rounded up with lightning talks and networking at 6PM WAT

and people were encouraged to indicate their interest if they were still interested in some lightning talks.

It is also good to add that on the main stage, past events and activities were displayed.

In conclusion, it was a great event that was knowledge-packed and insightful, I hope you catch more insights.


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