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PyCon Africa 2020 -- Day 3

PyCon Africa   On the 3 rd of August 2020, the PYCON AFRICA 2020 week kicked off, with great speakers from all over Africa and beyond. On the 6 th of August 2020, the third day commenced. The event was introduced by the convener, Marlene Mhangami. She introduced all the speakers, including the keynote speakers, panelists, session speakers. The schedule of events of the day was shared amongst all speakers and panelists. Tairu Oluwafemi and Flavio Clesio The first sessions started at 10AM WAT with topics – Building production worthy website with Django by Tairu Oluwafemi and Security in Machine Learning by Flavio Clesio. The speakers talked explicitly on the importance of building a production worthy websites while breaking down and demonstrating this using codebase in Python and also talked about security in Machine learning and the need for securing all Machine learning applications and how to keep them secured respectively. Serah Njambi and Olaniyan Emmanuel At 11AM WAT, there wer